I am a professional freelance photographer born and raised in Italy. I started my photography career in 2013, after I gained a short Diploma in studio photography in London and an Economic graduation at the University of Parma. I try to push my photography in the deepest point of myself, trying to use it as an instrument to discover my obsessions and through them tell stories with the highest level of personal identity and authorship.

I move better in Documentary photography, long-term projects and portraiture, while my short stories, have always a follow up with a bigger project. I love telling stories about my country, its traditions and customs, but I always try to give a different point of view of what people usually think. I really care and give importance to the coherence and significance of the stories that I choose to pursue, in a way or another, they have to explain and continue my personal path to build at the end, not a collection of nice photos but an archive of my experiences. I intensively work also in the commercial and editorial word, mainly to sustain the documentary side and to economically support my long term projects that I believe they give a more solid representation of my skills as a photographer.

In October 2014 I entered as an external contributor the Italian collective CESURA, the independent agency founded by the Magnum photographer Alex Majoli. In 2016 I decided to exit it and to continue my career as a freelance. I’ve been working with national and international titles, including: New York Times, National Geographic, Elle, Le Monde, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Internazionale, La Stampa, Sport Week, and many others. In addition to that, I have also gained different awards

My interest in photography, is now moving towards long-term projects because I personally think that nowadays if you want to be a photographer you need to slow down, reflect and go deeper in the projects, while the world keeps running, forgetting and not paying attention. At the moment I’m working in the making of my first book about my long term project “Behind the Bank”