“Great photography doesn’t need any labels, it’s all about questioning ourselves, being honest in the answer and accept it, photography will follow itself. Once you feel it done, start the process over and over”

I love telling stories because I love to be listened. I love taking photos because I’m in control of the situation and I feel good. I love the process behind photography, it gives me the opportunity to experience over and over the process of investigation, perseverance and hard work that apparently hasn’t immediate result in the common thinking, but that at the end becomes something true not only for me but also for everybody else.

I don’t insist on myself, on what I try to build, on what I love, not because it is tenable, or made to last, but because it’s there and for me it is necessary that it lives through my photography. I believe that if I keep going back to a place enough times, eventually that place becomes important whether or not it has the capacity for importance. Stories, like relationships, happens not because you plan them but because you come back to the same place day after day and after a while you look up and realise you’ve built seething.

Photography is an opportunity of being both a witness and a storyteller and to experience things that if guided by attention, bring yourself every time to another level of awareness and so your photography.

I don’t like the safe way, it makes me feel a coward and unsatisfied. I consider myself a hard worker and a reliable professional delivering always on time.
I love taking responsibility on the art direction if given but I’m capable of living room to professionalism to achieve a great result together.
I love taking risks to bring something new on the market.
I feel very comfortable in the editing process that I believe is probably the most important part of photography.